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Our Policies

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  • Returns Policy
  • Delivery Policy
  • Payment Policy

Returns Policy

What can I return and is there a charge?

You may return any supply item that's in the original manufacturer box or carton and is in resalable condition. We don't charge any restocking fees if you return the item within 30 days from the date of purchase.

You may return unassembled and manufacturer assembled furniture as long as you have the manufacturer carton and it's in resalable condition.

Food, beverages, special orders, print, and ad specialty orders aren't subject to return unless there was an error by Bulldog or a manufacturer defect. Assembled furniture isn't subject to return unless there was an error by Bulldog or a manufacturer defect. Most manufacturers will attempt to repair the defect before replacing or accepting the furniture back for return.

How long do I have to return an item?

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return a product that you don't like or need. You have 10 days from the date of purchase to report shortages, incorrect shipments, damaged and defective products.

How do I get a return back to Bulldog?

That will depend.

If your order was delivered by a Bulldog Sales Assistant, the Sales Assistant will pickup the return. Returns are normally picked up within 3 business days from the day that you initiate them.

If your order was delivered by United Parcel Service or a similar small package carrier then we'll initiate a call tag for the number of cartons that contain the items that you're returning. For example, if you have three separate items to return that you can fit into one carton, then we'll initiate a call tag for one carton, and we'll credit your account for all three items. Returns should be picked up within 7 to 10 business days.

Please do not ship an item for return.

Delivery Policy

How much is the delivery charge?

Orders for general office supplies will be delivered free.

All supply orders that require same day delivery will be charged an additional $9.95.

Also, sometimes you may need something special that isn't listed in our database or catalogs. We're happy to order those items for you, and we will pass the freight and handling charges from the manufacturer onto you.

Most printing and ad specialty manufacturers charge freight and handling when shipping their orders. In those cases, we pass that freight charge onto you.

Finally, furniture orders will have a delivery and install charge quoted to you before the order is processed.  

How will my order be delivered?

That will depend.

Orders from corporations with more than three employees that are within 40 miles of any of our locations will be delivered by a Bulldog Sales Assistant. Our Sales Assistants aren't your average driver. They are professional, courteous representatives of our company that will deliver your order where you need it. They are helpful and will answer questions and take orders as they deliver your order. Larger orders for furniture and paper that can't fit on our standard delivery truck will be delivered by our Furniture and Bulk Delivery team.

Orders from corporations with less than three employees, that are outside our delivery area, home based businesses, and individual orders will be delivered by United Parcel Service or a similar package carrier. Larger orders are delivered by an outside delivery or freight company.

In both cases special order, print, and promotional items may be delivered directly to you from the manufacturer to save delivery time.

Finally, in the rare instance an item is backordered, it is shipped directly to you from one of our wholesalers' 42 alternate facilities that we have access to.

Please contact us if you want to know how your order will be delivered.

When will I receive my order?

That will depend. Orders that are delivered by a Bulldog Sales Assistant are guaranteed by 5:00pm the next business day. You may place orders as late as 5:00pm and you'll still receive next business day delivery. If that isn't quick enough, let us know the time you need the order and we'll deliver by your cutoff. The two exceptions are furniture that needs to be assembled and backordered items. We need up to 3 business days to assemble and deliver furniture. Furniture that doesn't need to be assembled can be delivered the next day. Backorders, although rare, do occur. We ship backorders from one of our wholesalers' 42 alternate facilities. The average time to receive a backordered item is 3 business days from the date of order.

Orders that are delivered by United Parcel Service or a similar small package carrier are also delivered the next business day as a general rule. However, orders must be placed before 1:30pm for next business day delivery. Larger orders such as furniture and multiple cartons of paper that are delivered by an outside or freight company can take as long as 5 business days for delivery. Helpful Hint: Place large paper orders and furniture on separate orders from the supply items. We don't charge for delivery, and your supply items will be delivered quicker. Need paper right away? Order one carton by itself and it will be shipped by United Parcel Service or a similar small package carrier.

Can I get same day delivery?

Same day delivery is available for customers that normally have orders delivered by a Bulldog Sales Assistant. We do our best to meet your time requirements, but we generally need up to four hours to deliver a same day order. You must call 800-864-4253 to place same day delivery orders.

All same day orders will be charged an additional $9.95.

We also offer same day will call service. Simply call 800-864-4253 and we'll process the order for you and let you know where and when it will be available for pick up.  

What is the minimum order for delivery?

Are you kidding? We don't give a dog's bone how big your order is because we love them all! Go ahead and try us out by ordering something small.

Payment Policy

Regarding due dates..

We offer an extra 1% discount when we receive your check within 10 days of our invoice date. Check your invoice message for details. Our invoices are due in full within 30 days of the invoice date. Our consolidated invoices and statements are due in full within 12 days from the invoice or statement date.

Where do we send our payments?

All checks must be mailed to:
Bulldog Office Products, Inc.
500 Glass Road
Pittsburgh , Pa 15205-9407

Do you accept electronic payments?

Yes. We're able to accept payments electronically via EFT or ACH.

May we pay by credit card?

Yes. You may pay your invoices and statements by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

What is a consolidated invoice?

It is a single monthly invoice that includes all of the month's purchases, the date they were placed, each order's subtotal, and the grand total of all orders. For large corporations and frequent orders, the consolidated invoice reduces the paperwork and hassle necessary to manage your account.

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